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GRD Health and Healing
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Wisdom of the Ages
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August, 1999

Be sure to check out our upcoming classes (below).

Introducing the:

Nutrition for Health Frequent Buyer Program

You and your family members can earn a discount when you purchase your vitamins from us.  Go to our website now and find out the details of our Frequent Buyer Program.

 This Month's Tip

How to increase your energy in 9 easy steps

Step 1:  "Breathe"
Step 2:  "Rest and Relaxation"
Step 3:  "Reset Your Aura Daily"
Step 4:  "The Power of Water"
Step 5:  "Reduce Your Stress"
Step 6:  "Exercise"
Step 7:  "Food"
Step 8:  "Structural Care"
Step 9:  "Goals and Dreams"

Step 7: Food

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" (Hippocrates 400 BC)

You know the expression that “you are what you eat”.  It's true to a point, but more importantly “you are what you digest, assimilate and eliminate”.  Even if you eat the most pure, organic, fresh food, if you're body can't use it because of impaired digestion processes, it will just go to waste.

The reason you eat (besides that it tastes good) is to provide you with the raw materials necessary to build and repair your body.  Eating also gives your body the fuel it needs to give you energy for movement, thinking, relaxation, healing, etc.

Getting more energy from your food requires that you eat more food that is easy to digest and has as few toxins in it as possible.  Hard to digest, heavy foods (red meat, cheese) require more energy to digest and therefore don't give you as much of a lift. 

Toxic laden foods include foods with pesticides and foods where the chemical makeup of the food has been altered like trans-fatty acids—oils that have been hydrogenated.  Again, these foods use more energy then they give you.

Which foods will give you lots of energy?  Eat foods that are light, healthy and whole.  Increase your quantities of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and sea vegetables.  Try to eat more raw or lightly steamed foods that have lots of active digestive enzymes still available (heat and processing destroy enzymes).

In general, decrease the quantities of the foods that tend to burden your digestive system and therefore make you feel tired and impair your repair and immune systems.  An excellent way to find out which foods are less healthy for you is to go on a modified elimination diet.  This diet eliminates red meat, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten containing foods.

Follow the modified elimination diet for 21 days and then carefully reintroduce foods and observe how they make you feel.  Any foods that make you feel tired, achy, headachy, etc. are foods that you have a mild allergic reaction to and ultimately may not be good for you.

Be sure to call (770-551-0155) or write me for a complete guide on how to successfully implement a modified elimination diet.

Bonus Tip

How do you eat?

To get more energy, in addition to changing what you eat, consider how you eat.  Try the following tips:

Eat more frequent, smaller meals.  Ideally eat 5 "mini-meals".  It's well known that the lower your calorie intake the longer and healthier you'll live.  Try not to exceed 500 calories per meal.  If you're dieting, don't eat less than 800 calories per day.

Chew your food well.  Dr. Christopher, the great American herbalist always taught that “You should chew your drinks and drink your foods”.  He meant that it is crucial to good digestion to mix all the salivary enzymes with your food so swish and chew the drinks you take.  Similarly, your stomach doesn't have any teeth so make sure the food you eat is well masticated before swallowing it.

Consider periodic cleansing programs.  As perfectly as you might eat, due to the nature of our society, we still take in lots of toxins (exotoxins) daily from our food, our water and our air.  We also create endotoxins (from inside) as a normal byproduct of the digestion process.  Regular cleansing and fasting programs help to decrease the toxic overload in our bodies and helps to upregulate (make work more efficiently) the function of all our elimination organs.
breaths on the exhale.

Herbs and Nutrition for Health


And, speaking of food, try peppermint.  Peppermint has been known for centuries as a wonderful digestive aid and can easily be prepared by steeping a tea bag in hot water.  Or, if you have fresh peppermint in you garden take a handful of the herb and steep it in one cup of hot water (more or less to taste).

One way of using peppermint is to buy the extract of essential peppermint oils.  These oils are what give peppermint its powerful odor.  If you're suffering from halitosis (bad breath) try one drop directly on your tongue or in a glass of cold water.

A drop of the oil placed on your tongue or added to a small glass of water can often ease a sour stomach (indigestion, heart burn, acid stomach, etc.) almost immediately.

If you suffer from headaches, try applying peppermint oil under your nose or massaged into the temple area.  If you're skin is sensitive, try diluting the oil first, by adding a drop or two of peppermint oil to an unscented oil (like almond oil).

Is your house musty smelling?  Add peppermint oil to an atomizer for a fresh, clean, outdoor smell.

Be sure to try Yogi Tea's Stomach E-Z that combines peppermint with other digestive herbs for the perfect after meal drink.

Check out more information about the Yogi Tea Company at their website:

Upcoming Classes

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Learn what foods enhance digestion, cleansing, immunity, and relaxation.  Find out the importance of vitamins, herbs and water in maintaining your health and vitality.

Tuesday September 14, 1999  7:00 — 8:30 p.m.

Call 770-551-0155 to register.  Only $10
(Be sure to bring 2 friends)

Enjoy Better Health During Menopause

Join us to learn about preparing yourself to  enjoy better health “naturally” during menopause; alternatives to hormone replacement therapies for both men and women. 

Wednesday September 22, 1999  7:00 — 8:30 p.m.

Call 770-551-0155 to register.  Only $10
(Be sure to bring 2 friends)

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Make space in your busy schedule for relaxation and self growth time.  Known as the Mother of all yogas, Kundalini yoga incorporates stretching, breathing, meditation and relaxation.  This yoga is more aerobic and at times more vigorous than Hatha Yoga, providing you not only with stress reduction, relaxation, inner growth and expansion, but also a good workout.

Call Mukta Khalsa at 770.512.0558 for class times and information

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training and Certification

A wonderful intensive designed for the serious student of yoga.  This course will be an in depth, 130 hour course on the anatomy and physiology of yoga, the science of mantra and mudra, healing, diet, communication, chakras, the mind and much more.  This course is intended for those people interested in becoming Kundalini Yoga teachers and/or students who want to develop a deeper understanding and personal practice of Yoga.

Call Mukta Khalsa at 770.512.0558 for class times and information