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GRD Health and Healing
Techniques of Today
Wisdom of the Ages
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January, 1999

Dear Patients and Friends:

Welcome to your inaugural issue of our e-mail version of GRD News.  I will try to bring you the latest tips and tricks and information in the health and healing field which you can utilize and easily implement to make your health as vibrant and full as possible.

Please feel free to write me back with questions about your health that I can answer to the benefit of all our readers.  Also, please write me with suggestions on how to make this newsletter better, easier to read, and more applicable to you.

GRD Healing Arts Clinic was established in 1978 to serve all your health and healing needs:  mind, body and soul.  We have accomplished this by offering quality chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutritional consultations, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), neuro-emotional technique (NET) and yoga therapy.  In addition we regularly offer classes designed to educate you in the above areas as well as meditation and cooking classes.

The  latest diagnostic additions to the clinic include a comprehensive Health Assessment Questionnaire, Vitality and Longevity Analysis (your current state of aging and toxicity) and specific functional laboratory testing (comprehensive digestion analysis, female and male hormone panels, adrenal stress indexes and more) all designed to accurately assess your individual biochemical needs.

Our clinic has two other doctors available to you, Camden Clay, D.C. and M. Truett Bridges, M.D. Dr. Clay has been practicing chiropractic since 1984.  His specialties include nutrition and detoxification therapies (be sure to ask about his spring and fall cleanses), iridology, and Thai massage.  Dr. Bridges is an accomplished  acupuncturist and has spent many years studying pain control management and holistic medicine including IV vitamin therapy, neural therapy, and chelation therapy. 

Our clinic's goal is to offer you the "Techniques of Today--The Wisdom of the Ages."   We continually study and update our understanding of the latest scientific breakthroughs in health and temper that knowledge with ancient healing techniques and herbal and homeopathic medicines; always with the understanding and goal in mind that the body will heal itself given the right support of diet, exercise and mental attitudes.  Our job is to be doctors and healers, adhering to the ancient wisdom of "First do no harm" and secondly that the root of the word doctor means "teacher."

This Week's Tip

Computer De-Stress

Many of you spend countless hours at work and at home sitting in front of a computer.  There have been many suggestions that much of our stress today comes from sitting too much, from the repetitive strain of typing and using a mouse, and the potential side effects of the electro-magnetic radiation from the monitor, the speakers and the computer itself.

Remember to take frequent (short) breaks to get up and move, to stretch, and to drink water (at least 8 glasses per day).  A common complaint I hear is that "there just isn't enough time" to take breaks.  (If that's really true get another job!!)  Breaks, even though they take time away from your work, actually give you a definite burst of energy and greater mental clarity--just the things you need to complete that project faster and more efficiently.

Also, if you have the kind of chair that you can easily adjust up and down, move it one inch down, two inches up--vary the height periodically throughout the day so that your head and arm relationship to the desk changes.  This will greatly reduce physical stress on your eyes, your hands and shoulders, and your neck, upper back and lower back.

What can you do? Be sure to, two to three times a day, take a cold, wet washcloth and wipe your face, eyes and neck. Follow this by washing your hands with cold water. This helps to restore the circulation to your upper body and quickly revitalizes your physical and mental bodies. 

Bonus Tip

 The Power of Water 

What else can you do with water? When the…stress…hits the fan:  grab an extra large glass and fill it with pure water. Drink the entire glass down without stopping (and without drowning yourself!).

What this will do is disrupt the pattern of thought and action you've been in (the stressful situation), make you change your rate of breathing (down to nothing while you drink), change your hormone balance (by adding more water into your body), and cool you down (from the temperature of the water).

In addition, change your water balance again by going to urinate following the glass of water.

Herbs to You

 Computer De-Stress Part II

What's an easy way to ward off the negative stress and effects of computer work?  How about a nice cup of tea!

The Yogi Tea Company makes a tea called "Computer De-Stress Tea" which is created especially to support the body in adapting to common workplace stress.  Some of the ingredients are (you can make up your own batch from scratch):  Kelp which is known to be high in trace minerals and natural iodine.  Iodine stimulates thyroid function which increases your metabolism (gives you more energy) and is thought to help the body adapt to the non-specific stress of low level radiation.*  Eyebright is  included because it has been traditionally used for eye health, and is often used to help dry up the sinuses.*  Oat straw has been used to support a healthy circulatory system, promote proper function of nerves and help reduce stress and frustration.  Oat straw is also often used in herbal formulas for its calcium stimulating properties.*  Gotu Kola is used to help the brain function sharper and clearer.*

Mention this newsletter and ask Laura or Missi for $.50 off your next box of Computer De-Stress Tea.

 Check out more information about Yogi Tea at their website:

     *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration