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GRD Health and Healing
Techniques of Today
Wisdom of the Ages
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January, 2000

Be sure to check out our upcoming classes (below).

"The poorest man would not part with health for money, but he richest would gladly
part with all their money for health."   --Colton

This Month's Tip

       Good Health Checklist for Ultimate Wellness in 2000!
Many of you ask me for the ‘secrets’ to long life and excellent health. Like everything else in life, there aren't any hidden secrets or magic potions you can inject that will suddenly make you perfect.

It's all about doing the things that the majority won't ever do.  (Which is why 2/3 rd of all people will die due to heart disease and/or cancer. One wise, intelligent, and old man said:  “Do what everyone else does and you'll get their results.  My best advice is to take note of what the majority does –and then do the opposite.”  You'll probably live longer!!)

In this exciting issue of your health-packed newsletter, I'm going to try my hand at uncovering THE ultimate secrets for lifelong health and happiness.  Quite a task for a few paragraph newsletter, but I know you're going to love this issue!


I have learned that people seem to learn best by checklists.  In fact, if you ever read some of the most successful, highest-read magazines, you'll notice they teach things in checklists.  It's a terrific way for your brain to store and process information. That's the first reason I used the “checklist” format—to make sure you'd get maximum value from this article!

The second reason is that many of you are NOT ignoring all of the things on my checklist.  Congratulations!  This list will act as a reminder to keep doing what is working.  In fact, I've discovered a few things from treating hundreds of patients:

Most of Our Problems Come From Just One Little Thing We Ignore,
Which Means If You Correct That One Little Thing,
You'll Instantly See Increases In Your Health & Wellness!

This newsletter gives you the chance to discover for yourself what your weak points are in health, so you can correct them immediately.

By the way, the ultimate tragedy is to know what to do, and not do it!  Hopefully my checklist will remind you of important things you should be doing to stay healthy!

Let's define what “staying healthy” really means.  Here's how I define health:

Waking up each and every morning and feeling vibrant and alive! Feeling the youthfulness and energy to accomplish all that's important in your life.  To have the energy to conquer fears, stand up for more success in your life, and live every moment with maximum joy, wellness, and living.  To be a symbol of the beautiful gift of life.

Let's go forth with that goal in mind:

My Checklist for Maximum Health in 2000

#1: You are what you eat.  I watch people in the grocery store whenever I go shopping. I've noticed (almost without exception) how many overweight people stuff their shopping carts with the most unhealthy, preservative-filled foods on the shelves.
One must feel much sadness for such a person, since we know how much they must be hurting emotionally.  One's self-image has a tendency to plummet when you look in the mirror and see that you are out of control of your body.  I feel much empathy for people like this.

If you need to lose a few pounds, what's the very first thing you can and should do?  First of all, remember this phrase:  “You are exactly what you eat, and no more and no less.”  Is your shopping cart filled with processed, canned goods…or water rich and living fruits and vegetables?

Which do you think takes more of the body's energy to digest?  A processed burger or a fresh apple?

Worse yet, how many of you know this…yet continue to eat foods that suck your energy, make you pop a few Rolaids after every meal, or make you toss and turn every night in bed?

Set a goal in 2000 to eat 60-70% ‘water-rich’ foods, such as fruits and vegetables.  Anything less is paramount to suicide in the long term!  Be sure to ask me for a copy of “Choosing Health”.  This free, simple, understandable guide will get you eating the healthiest foods in the proper combination of proteins to fats to carbohydrates.

By following “Choosing Health” you can be assured of maximum energy, maximum health, ideal weight, and longevity.

It's hard, but spend extra time finding and buying organically grown foods.  Not only are organic foods clean—they have no pesticides and no petroleum based fertilizers, they also taste sweeter and are much more alive and vital which means you feel healthier and have more energy.  Check out Harry's and the DeKalb Farmer's market, Kroger, other health food stores, and buying co-ops where organic farmers bring their produce directly to your house.

Look later on in this newsletter for my upcoming classes on nutrition and healthy eating.  If you'd be interested in enrolling, please call my office at 770-551-0155.

How can you easily lose weight?  There is no magic formula—if there were one diet that worked, there would only be one diet.

However, you can quickly make an impact on your weight loss.  Here's how:  Stop eating red meat, sugar and cheese.  Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine.  Drink more water.

Sounds too simple?  Will you lose all the weight you want?  Maybe yes, maybe no, (if I'm wrong what have you got to lose?) but I've seen time and again many people lose 10-15 pounds in a couple months time just by eliminating these foods. Try it and see what happens.

#2: Body Movement.  A few generations ago, our grandfathers and grandmothers worked all day on the farm. They physically moved and expended nervous stress energy through physical work.
While it's true that many people love our modern conveniences and don't want to return to those old times, it's also true that our sedentary lifestyle is creating massive problems in the human body.

Many jobs entail being stuck in a chair all day in front of a computer.  No physical movement occurs.  No exercise.

If you keep a healthy arm in a sling for months, the muscles atrophy.  This once strong arm can no longer lift even a feather.

The same thing happens in your body!  Allowed to weaken and grow ever-so-flabby, the body's own muscles can turn into your worst enemy if not treated in the proper manner.

Also:  did you know that physical movement in the body also activates your body's system to flush out toxins?  (I'll talk more about this in a future issue of the newsletter.  Some amazing research proves that cell waste is primarily flushed out by body movement and deep breathing!)

Begin a simple daily exercise program immediately.  Especially if you sit at a desk all day.  Begin by walking for 30 minutes a night.  You can also purchase a rebounder, a mini trampoline that you can walk on or run on in front of the TV.  Or join everyone else who wrote New Year's Resolutions and join a health spa while they're still offering their special beginning of the year discounts.

Or, sign up for either my, or my wife Mukta's yoga classes.  Turn off the boob-tube and exercise instead!

You'll feel better, have more energy, eat less, and create incredible balance in your body.  You won't believe how investing just a few minutes in exercise can dramatically change the way you feel.

#3: Regular adjustments (treatments) from a chiropractor (Regular massages, too!)  Many people believe that chiropractic is like ‘one-stop-shopping.’  They think that a chiropractor can instantly and magically solve all of a patient's problems in one visit.
As you probably guessed, this is false. Would you buy a new car and get your oil changed only once…and then never get your car checked again?  No way!  Yet it's amazing how many humans place more value on their car's health…than their own!

(The sad irony is that a lifetime of placing little value on one's health shortens the time in which you get to enjoy your perfectly ‘healthy’ automobile!)

OK.  Here's what I recommend that you do.

#1: Call us or your chiropractor today, and schedule a much needed chiropractic or massage treatment. This won't take much time out of your schedule, yet you'll simultaneously feel better, have more energy, get sick far less, and improve your health.

#2: When you're in the office, immediately schedule visits for a minimum of once a quarter, preferably once every month.  Such “maintenance” leads to dramatic increases in your health.  Your body goes through cycles just like the seasons and it's essential to keep your health tuned to prevent those “season changing” colds and depressions.

#3: Ask us about products we sell for use in your home and office.  For example, a back pillow used in your office chair might make you feel rested and more in control during a busy work day.  Specially designed cervical pillows will give you more neck support and comfort while you're sleeping at night.  Ask about some of our other products (that you might not know we even carried) and how they can make a big difference in the way you feel!

#4: Mental cleansing!  One of the easiest and cheapest…yet utterly ignored areas to immediately improve your health and well-being, is to study the psychology of well-being.
What On Earth Is The “Psychology of Well Being?”

Have you ever felt like you “stressed” yourself out?  Do you remember the stress you felt when you were racing to get a college paper completed?  Or planning your wedding?  Or one of a hundred stressful experiences that have come up in your life?

How many times have you been so stressed out by your boss, by work, even by an event in your life…and all of a sudden you…

Caught A Cold!

Do you think your mental attitude and state of being had anything to do with you catching this cold?

The psychology of well being states that your health is directly related to the well being of your attitudes, what you dwell on all day, and how you talk to yourself.

Also:  have you ever run across the so-called ‘negative person’?  You know the type.  They grumble about the weather, about their job, about the junk mail they get, about how awful everything is!

I've observed something very important.  As a chiropractor I deal with all types of people.  Can you guess the types of people who chronically experience more sickness, more bad health, and much more pain than anyone else?

You guessed it:  the most miserable people are the ones who have the worst mental attitudes!!

Why does this phenomenon occur?  Why can two people from the same neighborhood, both approximately the same ages, both having gone to the same schools, have two different levels of commitment to their health?

Why are some people committed to staying healthy, while others could care less?

This led me to research that I found quite amazing.  You will find it life changing, too.  I discovered that:

Your Health Has More To Do With Your
MENTAL ATTITUDE Than  Nearly Anything Else!

For example, someone with a positive, optimistic attitude will see themselves and their bodies as valuable and important, and certainly worth keeping healthy and in good shape.  Others with negative attitudes, who abuse their bodies with bad foods, smoking, drinking excessively, etc., also don't perceive the upkeep of their bodies as important, so they experience (ironically) the most health problems throughout their lives.

Okay.  Is there any research or studies that prove what I have observed?  And, is there conclusive linkage between your frequent mental attitudes and health?

Absolutely! Let's talk about some of them.

Some Amazing Research That Proves Good Attitudes Can Affect Your Health

Norman Cousins, the speaker & famous author, talks often about his “cancer incident.”  Upon feeling sick, he went to his doctor and was given a negative prognosis. (Most doctors do NOT understand the devastating, negative affect of a harsh and doomsday prognosis. This alone can decrease chances of survival due to lack of hope, willingness to fight, etc., which are all critical to success.)

Anyway, he decided to change his mental attitudes.  So, while laying sick and idle in his hospital bed, he decided to watch reruns of the Three Stooges and other comedies!

For days on end, he laughed and laughed and laughed.  (Do you think this affected his biochemistry a little bit?)

Miraculously he was found to have dramatically reduced his cancer that had affected his body and within a few weeks walked out of the hospital.

Now, as a doctor and scientist, I cannot rule out the possibility that there might have been some luck involved.  On the other hand, my experience in treating hundreds and hundreds of patients coincides with Norman Cousins!

The better the patient's ATTITUDE, the faster she will become well!

How can your beliefs and attitudes change your health on the spot?

Here's the amazing conclusion I draw from such research and from working with thousands of people over the last 25 years:

Your Beliefs And Attitudes Can And Do Materialize In Your Body,
Based Upon What You Think About All Day Long
And How Optimistic or Pessimistic You Are!

Make a promise to yourself today to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.  Look for the silver lining and the opportunity in all problems.  Every time your mind wants to “take control” and tell you how sick, depressed, and fragmented your life is, repeat to yourself over and over:

 Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy (Whole) Am I

Remember that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time.  Similarly, in your mind, no two thoughts can occupy the same space at once.  So when your negative mind tells you you're awful, down, depressed, or going to catch a cold, displace the negative thought with the positive affirmation above.

Try it yourself or get that grouchy spouse or child of yours to positively affirm their inherent birthright to be healthy, happy and whole!

#5: Learn, learn, learn. Remember what America's famous author Mark Twain once said,  “When you're all through learning, you're all through.”
A long life full of vitality is based on knowing what to do and when to do it.  But there is so much information out there that it becomes confusing and overwhelming.  You need a coach to help you sift through it all.

Even the great Michael Jordan says time and again that his excellence comes not only from his natural athletic abilities, but his intense hard work (learning and learning) and desire to win.  He went to practice daily and had a great coach.

Don't forget to get a coach.   The coach sees what you're doing right or wrong and can objectively give pointers on how to improve your game (your health).

My goal for your health is to be your Health Coach.  Learn all you can and call me if you have any questions!    770-551-0155

Make 2000 Your Best Year Yet!

Bonus Tip

Yoga Therapy:  Sitali Pranayam:  Get Rid of That Cold, Quick!

In yoga a pranayam is a breathing technique.  An especially powerful breath for enhancing immune function is Sitali, the cooling breath.

Stick your tongue slightly out of your mouth and curl the sides upward, like forming a tube or trough.  Slowly and steadily inhale through the curled tongue, hold for a few seconds, and exhale through the nostrils (keeping the tongue out the whole time).  Continue this breath for five minutes.

You may experience a bitter taste on your tongue.  This usually indicates that your body is toxic and, with practice, the taste will go away.

Sitali Pranayam is useful for cooling down a fever, calming the mind by removing tension and anxiety, healing the digestive system and for rejuvenating the body.  It is said in mystical terms that this breath will make the heavens serve you.

Go to the meditation section on our website for a healing meditation using Sitali Pranayam.

Herbs and Nutrition for Health

Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)

Besides being a delicious seasoning and tasty drink (ginger ale) ginger has been traditionally used as a powerful medicine for many systems of the body.  The root of the ginger is the part of the plant used.  It contains over four hundred chemically active ingredients and has been used for thousand of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic systems of medicine.

Ginger is wonderful for the treatment of digestive complaints including nausea and vomiting.  It is also used for atherosclerosis, migraine headaches, and morning sickness (talk with your doctor first about quantities to use).

One of the best uses for ginger is for motion sickness.   Studies have shown that using ginger is equal to or better than drugs like Dramamine against the nausea and dizziness of motion sickness without the side effect of drowsiness. For prevention
of motion sickness, start taking ginger tablets, capsules, or liquid herbal extract a couple of days before and during your trip.

Ginger is recognized along with turmeric as some of the most potent anti-inflammatories used in herbal medicine.  It works wonders as a treatment for both acute inflammatory joint diseases like a hot low back and for chronic problems like arthritis.

Ginger contains many antiviral compounds.  Scientists have found several chemicals in ginger that work against rhinoviruses, the most common family of cold viruses.  It is effective in relieving cold symptoms like pain and fever, helps in suppressing coughs and has a mild sedative effect that encourages rest.

How much ginger should you take?  Most people take 2-4 grams of the dried powder two to three times per day.  An easy way to take ginger is to slow boil an inch or two of chopped, fresh ginger root in 2-3 cups of water for 15-20 minutes.  This tea is a great remedy for menstrual cramps and to help “sweat out” a cold.

Are you “coming down” with something?  Try this yogic remedy:

Using a juicer, make 2 ounces of ginger juice and mix it with 2 ounces of lemon juice in enough water to make the drink palatable.  Because it's hot, drink it fairly quickly (if you're worried about the lemon juice affecting the enamel of your teeth, sip it through a straw).  Even though you might feel like a rocket about to launch, within a few minutes you'll feel the power of the ginger starting to attack the viruses and bacteria in your system.  Take this drink as often as you feel you need to.

Upcoming Classes

What is meditation and how is it done?

Meditations Your Mother Never Taught You is being taught by Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa.  Dr. Khalsa has  been practicing and teaching meditation for the last twenty-five years throughout the USA and internationally.   He will share the teachings and technologies of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of  Awareness.

During this class we will address the do's and don'ts of meditation practices, the common misconceptions  of what meditations are and what they can and can't do for you, and the disciplines of meditation.  Learn  how to establish your own meditation program.  Do not miss this opportunity to expand your ability to tap your infinite inner resources towards greater creativity, productivity, relaxation and inner peace.  For beginners and experienced meditators.

Learn and experience meditations for:

*   Anti-depression
*   Self Healing
*   Cleansing the Mind
*   Breaking Habits
*   Developing Your Intuition
*   Wealth and Prosperity
"The Age of Aquarius is upon us.  In that age, nothing will be important:  not your wealth, not your status, not your friends, not your possessions.  Nothing will be important in life except your frequency of  vibration.  Yoga and meditation are the way."-- Yogi Bhajan

Wednesday, February 16, 2000 7:00 p.m. — 8:30 p.m.
Call 770-551-0155 to register — Space is limited — $25

Kundalini Yoga Classes
Make space in your busy schedule for relaxation and self growth time.  Known as the Mother of all yogas, Kundalini yoga incorporates stretching, breathing, meditation and relaxation.  This yoga is more aerobic and at times more vigorous than Hatha Yoga, providing you not only with stress reduction, relaxation, inner growth and expansion, but also a good workout.

Call Mukta Khalsa at 770.512.0558 for class times and information

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training and Certification

A wonderful intensive designed for the serious student of yoga.  This course will be an in depth, 130 hour course on the anatomy and physiology of yoga, the science of mantra and mudra, healing, diet, communication, chakras, the mind and much more.  This course is intended for those people interested in becoming Kundalini Yoga teachers and/or students who want to develop a deeper understanding and personal practice of Yoga.

Call Mukta Khalsa at 770.512.0558 for class times and information