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GRD Health and Healing
Techniques of Today
Wisdom of the Ages
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May, 2000

Be sure to check out our upcoming classes (below).

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.  Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.  Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

- Calvin Coolidge

  This Month's Tip

Have you ever had a chiropractic treatment and felt worse afterwards?  Some patients complain to me that they feel sorer (like they'd over exercised) after their first treatment.  And others tell me that when they haven't been adjusted in a while, within the next day or two they get sore.  Is this bad or good?

Often people feel worse when those muscles don't get used much, especially if they don't exercise regularly.  Other people get worse because their body is so toxic that there is a reaction in the muscles (similar to lactic acid build up from over exercising) that cause them to ache.  Another reason is that the body is “used to” the position of their muscles and bones before their treatment and the new position causes them to have to fight gravity differently.

There are a couple of solutions.  On a short term basis, get more frequent adjustments, maybe weekly, to bring the muscles back into balance.  Regular massage can also aid in helping to expel the waste products building up in the muscles.

A stretching program would also be beneficial.  Try yoga or tai ch’i or some other gentle movement, muscle lengthening exercise.  This will help decrease soreness in the muscles and generally make you feel younger and more alive.

Another alternative is to do some kind of detoxification cleanse.  Spring is the perfect time of year (any time would be fine) to do that because that is when the liver is most active and, as is said in Chinese medicine, the liver "rules" the muscles and their flexibility.  When the liver is toxic things feel stuck and stiff instead of free and easy flowing.

Be sure to ask or write me about the best type of cleanse for you.

Bonus Tip


The lack of relaxation and peace of mind in our present day society inhibits proper breathing.  Poor breathing increases susceptibility to stress, with all its attendant illnesses.  (The AMA reports that 80% of diseases are stress related.)

The body's physiological response to stress, whether physical or psychological, is (among other things) to increase the breath rate.  Shallow, upper chest (upper lung) breathing, with a faster breath rate, leads to chronic tension and weak nerves, which set the scene for illnesses and fatal breakdowns in one or another of the body's systems.

By slowing your breathing down, it changes your state of mind.  The yogis say that slowing your breathing to 16 times a minute calms and relaxes you.  Consciously decreasing the number of breaths per minute even more will put you into a state of hyper-awareness.  The ultimate goal is one breath per minute (20 seconds inhale, 20 seconds holding the breath, 20 seconds to exhale).

Long deep breathing is quite simple yet is something most of us have never been taught how to do.  Hold your hands with fingertips touching on your abdomen.  As you inhale, the abdomen should expand so that the fingers separate, and as you exhale, they should come together again.

To learn exactly how it is done, start by inhaling while relaxing the abdomen (the navel area) and even pushing it out.  The muscles of the abdomen draw the diaphragm down.  The downward movement of the diaphragm creates a vacuum in the lung cavity, so air automatically flows into the lungs.

The lowest portion of the lungs will fill first (like when you pour water into a bucket, the bottom fills first).  Continue the breath until the chest expands and the upper lungs are filled.  Try to breathe so that one inhale  takes 5 to 10 seconds (the time can slowly be increased with practice).

On the exhale, let the air out the top of the lungs first, then the bottom (like pouring water out of the bucket).  The abdomen will shrink back itself, but pull it back in near the end of the exhale.  This pushes up on the diaphragm creating a pressure in the lung cavity which causes the air to be expelled.

Practice long deep breathing as often as possible for as long as you can.  The positive and useful effects of long deep breathing could fill pages, including:
1.  Relaxes and calms you.
2.  Cleanses the blood of impurities.
3.  Gives clarity, calmness, and positivity.
4.  Aids in speeding up healing, both emotional and physical.
5.  Reduces insecurities and fears.
6.  Aids in breaking subconscious, unwanted habit patterns and addictions.
7.  Increases your ability to efficiently handle stressful situations.

Herbs and Nutrition for Health


Have you wondered where and how you should store your supplements so they can maintain maximum freshness and potency?

The best rule of thumb is to keep you supplements in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.  Many ingredients are light sensitive and will quickly deteriorate (dark brown bottles are used to help cut down the light effect).

How about the extra large bottles?  I often suggest that if you've purchased a large size bottle of supplements, empty out into a smaller vitamin container enough vitamins for a couple of weeks use.  Then take the large bottle, put saran wrap on top, put the cover over the wrap and store the bottle in the refrigerator.

If you store your vitamins for daily use in the refrigerator you'll likely run into a moisture problem. Because the vitamins inside are cooler than room temperature, when you open the bottle, moisture in the air will condense and will concentrate on the tablets.  This will cause quicker spoilage.

Long-term storage of vitamins in the refrigerator without daily removal is usually fine.  Before opening, be sure to let the unopened bottle come to room temperature until the contents are also room temperature.  Take out your dose for a couple weeks, reseal the large bottle and put it back in the refrigerator.

Enjoy your good health!

Upcoming Classes

Nutrition, A Sailor's Best Mate

Techniques and tips for staying healthy and recovering quickly on your sailing vacation.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000   7:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m.

Call Windsong Sailing Academy to register  404.256.6700 — Space is limited

Kundalini Yoga Classes
Make space in your busy schedule for relaxation and self growth time.  Known as the Mother of all yogas, Kundalini yoga incorporates stretching, breathing, meditation and relaxation.  This yoga is more aerobic and at times more vigorous than Hatha Yoga, providing you not only with stress reduction, relaxation, inner growth and expansion, but also a good workout.

Call Mukta Khalsa at 770.512.0558 for class times and information

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training and Certification

A wonderful intensive designed for the serious student of yoga.  This course will be an in depth, 130 hour course on the anatomy and physiology of yoga, the science of mantra and mudra, healing, diet, communication, chakras, the mind and much more.  This course is intended for those people interested in becoming Kundalini Yoga teachers and/or students who want to develop a deeper understanding and personal practice of Yoga.

Call Mukta Khalsa at 770.512.0558 for class times and information