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GRD Health and Healing
Techniques of Today
Wisdom of the Ages
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Dr. Gurusahay  and Mukta Khalsa

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Spring Classes Starting in March -- See below

Lots of Love and Vigor

Are you feeling drained? Don't have the energy it takes to make it day to day, not to mention having the extra liveliness necessary for those intimate moments with your partner? Try these foods renowned in the Yogic tradition to rejuvenate and invigorate you.

For men, add onions, garlic and ginger into the diet. They increase the semen production and help to strengthen the lower back area. Pistachios are great for the nervous system and add endurance. Adding saffron to your diet is like adding the power of a nuclear reactor to your system. And don't forget the P fruits: peaches, papayas, pears and persimmons--great for enhancing your creativity.

Itís said that eggplant is the sexiest food for women. It energizes her and helps her to keep going. Yogi Tea helps the reproductive system, aids in hormone balance, strengthens the nervous system and raises her energy. In addition to the P fruits above, be sure to include pomegranates and mangoes. The Eastern scriptures also say "A woman can live without a man, but she cannot live without green chilies."

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  Upcoming Classes:  Wellness Wednesdays

Healthy Travels
Prepare Now for Your Spring Break
March 15, 2006 

Either: 12:30 - 1:30 or 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.  Only $10

 Whether you're driving, flying or sailing to your next vacation, you'll benefit from these easy but critical travel tips.  Learn the SPECIAL approach to healthy travel:  Symptoms, Physics, Exercise, Chemistry, Injuries, Antidotes and Laughter.                   

          Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa will share with you tricks and tips from the worlds of nutrition, chiropractic and acupuncture on how to prevent or recover quickly if the travel gremlins attack.

These classes will fill quickly; call 770-551-0155 to register today.

Click here to see more classes on Astrology, Yoga and Meditation

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