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Dr. Gurusahay  and Mukta Khalsa

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Quick Tips on Getting and Staying Healthy

Prosperity for Life: A great new course by Dr. Gurusahay
December 13, 2008
See Below

Fall Yoga Classes, 2008 -- See below

People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. --Abraham Lincoln


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How Do I Handle All This Stress?
Please Read and Act On This!

Bad news, bad news and more bad news.  What are you going to do?

Here are some tips I've learned over the years to help me keep my sanity.  Unfortunately, when you're stressed out, it's these simple things that we all tend to let go.  But, it's these simple things that are the only difference between coping and overwhelming stress.

Don't forget to exercise.  Exercise is the easiest way to blow off steam and it helps to build your nervous system (your ability to react well to pressure) and your immune system, so you don't start getting sick with every little thing that comes along.  It's a law of health and healing that energy in the body that is moving is healthy and energy that is stagnant is disease and pain causing.

Eat light, wholesome foods.  The less stress you put on your digestive system, the more energy you'll have and, again, the less likely you'll get colds and flus.

You must get enough sleep.  Your body makes lots of growth and repair hormones around midnight, but only if you're deeply asleep.  So go to bed early and make sure you've slept long enough to wake up rested.  Short naps (10-15 minutes) are essential, too.

Drink plenty of fluids.  That means water and water like things like herbal teas.  Keeping your system flushed and hydrated really helps reduce stress.  A great thing to do if you are stressing is to drink a whole glass of water, all at once, and then go urinate.  That will change your body fluids similar to changing the oil in your car.  You'll immediately feel better.

Drink Yogi Tea (here's the recipe).  Yogi Tea is great for your nervous system, digestive system, reduces frequency and intensity of colds and flus and just tastes good.  Yogi Tea is also a great substitute for coffee.  You can also buy it pre-made at GRD or the health food store.

To help you relax at night, try sitting on the edge of your bathtub and running just the cold water.  Massage each foot with the other one under the running water.  You'll instantly feel the day drain away and sleep much better.  Or if you have the time (make the time) take a long, hot, luxurious, candlelit, bubbly bath.  Sounds good just thinking about it!

Shut off your TV and radio.  Don't read the newspaper.  Or, at least, don't listen to or read the news.  So you don't feel like you've missed too much, I'll tell you now everything that you're going to miss:  the market is up, the market is down, gas prices are up, gas prices are down, crimes are being committed, etc. Nothing uplifting, nothing positive!

Instead, listen to CDs and tapes about having a positive mental attitude.  Read books about successful living.  Some of my favorite authors are Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield.   What you put into your mind is what you become.  By thinking about self growth and self worth topics it takes away from the negativity all around you.

Meditate, breathe, do yoga, or Tai Ch'i.  Find a practice that nourishes your soul.  The real you is not the stressed out person but the inner, quiet space inside you.  These practices all help you find and connect to that source of happiness within you.

Do left nostril breathing to calm you down.  Do right nostril breathing to give you more energy.  Do alternate nostril breathing to focus and center you.

Are you worried about your financial health?  There are universal laws that govern all we do.  The law of gravity states that when you let a stone go, it drops to the ground.  Always.  The law of money says that what you give will return to you ten times.  Always. Give money to a charity on a consistent basis to increase your wealth.

relaxed womanTake care of yourself.  Take a vacation. Even a short vacation of a long weekend will help you to reduce your stress and re-vitalize.

If you can't afford to take time off right now, know that getting chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy on a regular basis will help release the stress directly from your body, like a mini-vacation.

Dickens said “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  Make the best of these bad times. Don't let the little things that rejuvenate and renew you slip by the wayside.  Be active about doing things that will reduce your stress and you'll be healthy, happy and whole!


Call 770-551-0155 to find out if we can help you, a loved one or a friend.



  Upcoming Classes:

Prosperity For Life
Yoga, Meditation and Projection
For Health, Happiness and Wealth
Saturday December 13, 2008

1:00 - 5:00 PM

Please join us for a practical and powerful course on manifesting prosperity in your life with Dr. Gurusahay Singh Khalsa, using the unequaled meditation and yoga techniques of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, as taught by Yogi BhajanProsperity for Life will allow you to quickly and concisely become aware of your own inner ability to become prosperous physically, mentally and spiritually.

Call 770-551-0155 with questions and to register to attend

To find out more

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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
7:15 - 8:45 PM
7:00 - 8:30 PM

Kundalini Teacher Certification Course, Starting February, 2009

MeditationMake space in your busy schedule for relaxation and self growth time.  Known as the Mother of all yogas, Kundalini yoga incorporates stretching, breathing, meditation and relaxation.  This yoga is more aerobic and at times more vigorous than Hatha Yoga, providing you not only with stress reduction, relaxation, inner growth and expansion, but also a good workout.

Mondays with Mukta Khalsa (women only)
Wednesdays with Gurusahay Khalsa

Call 770-551-0155 with questions and to register to attend

Click here to see more information about our Yoga classes

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Need a Speaker?

Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa is available to speak at your business, place of worship or social club. He has lectured extensively for more than 30 years on acupuncture, chiropractic, wellness and longevity, and nutrition. He also regularly teaches courses on yoga, meditation, stress management and prosperity. Please call 770-551-0155 to schedule Dr. Khalsa for your next meeting.

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