Refocus for Success

One of the greatest causes of stress is success! Achieving your goals can cause slumps! Sounds backwards, doesn't it?

Here's what happens: You work very hard to be successful, to increases your productivity, your sales, the amount of work you can accomplish in a shorter time. You accomplish all your goals and feel, deservedly so, that you should reward yourself.

THE PROBLEM: your "reward" takes the form of letting up, of relaxing and resting on your laurels, instead of trying to do even better the next month.

THE RESULT: you go into a slump for a week, or two, or three only to have your total output for two months be equal or less than if you had just had two average months instead of a super month and a poor one.

What to do? Here's a seven step plan guaranteed to work within a week; if you're in a severe slump, maybe two weeks. Follow the following steps for 5 consecutive business days:

EXERCISE EACH MORNING - for at least a half hour, it'll make your blood move to make you feel and think clearer and give you a sense of accomplishment

STOP READING NEWSPAPERS - too much negativity, and it distracts your mind from accomplishing your goals (wastes a lot of valuable time too)

EXTEND YOUR WORKDAY BY 1/2 HOUR - start early or end late, your subconscious will know that you're deserving of ever greater goals and rewards when you put in a little extra time

SCHEDULE A BUSIER DAY - this too will enhance the feeling of "I deserve" so crucial to success

NO TV - like the newspaper, it will distract you and potentially make you feel guilty for not doing more

READ SELF HELP BOOKS DAILY - to remind you and help you concentrate on your goals, to give you fresh new ideas to be the most successful person you can be

LISTEN TO POSITIVE THINKING RECORDINGS - especially while driving in the car, to and from work, on errands. 15 minutes twice a day, 20 days a month is equivalent to a 120-hour college course each year!

BONUS TIP: TITHE - whatever seeds you sow you'll reap. Want more money? Give more money!

(Special thanks to Foster Hibbard for sharing these ideas with me)

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