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GRD Health and Healing
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Good Health and Good Business—Together at Last

As healthy lifestyles gain value in the business world, progressive businesses respond. The upcoming World-Class Business Conference in Vermont features Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa on the panel of speakers. Dr. Khalsa will present on "Managing Stress in Your Business".

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) August, 2003 — It’s a sign of the times when a popular business/leadership conference features a doctor on its panel of speakers. That’s what’s happening as Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa, D.C., Dipl. Ac. presents a segment on health at the upcoming World-Class Business Conference in Vermont this September.

As more and more players in the business world place emphasis on achieving well-being, balance and better health along with their financial and professional goals, the industry is responding. We’re starting to see unique partnerships between health practitioners and business organizations, which reflect this trend.

Dr. Khalsa has been in practice in Atlanta since 1978 and is the Director of the GRD Healing Arts Clinic, a multi-disciplinary clinic. His specialties include acupuncture, chiropractic care, nutrition, applied kinesiology and yoga therapy. Dr. Khalsa has lectured extensively for more than 25 years on health, meditation, stress management, prosperity, wellness and longevity.

The invitation to speak at the World-Class Business Conference in Burlington, Vermont (September 4-5) is a first for the doctor and a first for the company hosting the conference, Success Networks International.

“This invitation really marks a milestone both for health practitioners and for business in general”, says Dr. Khalsa.

“It’s a sign of the evolving business world. Along with financial goals, people are looking to achieve healthier lifestyles. Health and wellness are being recognized as valuable assets in business”, he says.

The President of Success Networks International, Michael Angier, the force behind the World-Class Business Conference agrees. “This conference is for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to thrive in today’s business environment. We can no longer pretend that personal health and well-being are separate from professional success. Inviting Dr. Khalsa to speak on ‘Managing Stress in Your Business’ just makes good business sense.”

As demographics change, values change and that catalyzes change in the way we conduct business. Today’s business professionals value health and that means we’ll be seeing further collaboration between business and health practitioners.

For additional information on Dr. Khalsa, the GRD Healing Arts Clinic and his presentation at the World-Class Business Conference, visit his website