Refocus for Success: What do you do if you're in a slump?

One of the greatest causes of stress is success! Achieving your goals can cause slumps! Sounds backward, doesn't it?

Here's what happens: You work very hard to be successful, to increase your productivity, your sales, and the amount of work you can accomplish in a shorter time. You accomplish all your goals and feel, deservedly so, that you should reward yourself.

THE PROBLEM: your "reward" takes the form of letting up, relaxing, and resting on your laurels, instead of trying to do even better the next month.

THE RESULT: you go into a slump for a week, or two, or three only to have your total output for two months be equal to or less than if you had just had two average months instead of a super month and a poor one.

What to do? Here's a seven-step plan guaranteed to work within a week; if you're in a severe slump, maybe two weeks. Follow the following steps for 5 consecutive business days:

EXERCISE EACH MORNING - for at least a half hour, it'll make your blood move to make you feel and think clearer and give you a sense of accomplishment

STOP READING AND WATCHING THE NEWS - too much negativity, too many things in the world that are out of your control, and the news distracts your mind from accomplishing your goals (wastes a lot of valuable time, too)

NO TV, NO SOCIAL MEDIA - like the newspaper, it will distract you and potentially make you feel guilty for not doing more

EXTEND YOUR WORKDAY BY 1/2 HOUR - start early or end late, your subconscious will know that you're deserving of ever greater goals and rewards when you put in a little extra time

SCHEDULE AN OCCASIONAL "BUSIER DAY" - this too will enhance the feeling of "I deserve" so crucial to success

READ SELF-HELP BOOKS DAILY - to remind you and help you concentrate on your goals, to give you fresh new ideas to be the most successful person you can be (I love Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor)

LISTEN TO POSITIVE THINKING RECORDINGS - especially while driving in the car, to and from work, or on errands. 15 minutes twice a day, 20 days a month is equivalent to a 120-hour college course each year! ( )

BONUS TIP 1: "I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment" (Tom Hopkins). Repeat this to yourself all day long. It will help you to decide if answering that email or placing that call is more important. (Don't forget that the most productive thing at this moment might be taking a water break, taking a walk, or being with your family)

BONUS TIP 2: TITHE - whatever seeds you sow you'll reap. Want more money? Give more money!

(Special thanks to Foster Hibbard for sharing many of these ideas with me)

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