Massage Therapy


Life is stressful

A wonderful measure of your success as a person is how gracefully you handle life's challenges. Especially when things are beyond your own personal control, you need the proper tools to help you adapt. One of those tools can be massage. Remember the last time you had a peaceful, quiet hour of rest and relaxation, quiet soothing music, and a gentle, healing massage?

If you do, get back in and get another. If not, now’s the time to sign yourself up. We have massages available almost every day including Sundays. Call us today to schedule your massage.

Are there different kinds of massage?

Swedish massage is a relaxation massage. There are many benefits including stress reduction, decreased blood pressure, and increased circulation.

Sports massage includes using stretches, heat/ice therapy, and vigorous firm pressure on specific muscles. This type of massage is great for athletes during training to minimize injuries. And sports massage is especially beneficial before and after an event to prevent injuries and aid in a quicker recovery time.

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) uses firm pressure on specific muscles to bring the body back into balance. Benefits include pain reduction, better posture, and less stress.

Should I get a massage?

The most common misconception about massage is that it's a luxury for people who want to feel pampered. Our clients tell us that massage can be very beneficial to anyone seeking relief from injury, daily aches and pains, and the stresses of everyday life.

P.S. Don't forget about your loved ones, too. We have massage gift certificates available.

Massage...the gift that keeps on giving!

What is massage?

"Massage is a wonderful antidote to stress and a powerful way to relax. It allows you to switch off that nagging voice inside your head, to unwind from the overwork, rush, and worries that compound [stress], and encourages you to breathe deeply and slowly and eases out the tension found in tight muscles. Through the act of relaxation, we stimulate a part of the brain (the parasympathetic nervous system) that slows down the heart rate, the rate of breathing, lowers blood pressure, and stimulates digestion and immunity.

Massage can literally soothe our nerves and produce a feeling of well-being.

The action of rubbing the skin creates changes in the body and the hormone endorphin is also released. This is the body’s natural pain killer which also creates a sense of well-being.

It improves circulation by assisting the flow of blood from the limbs back to the heart and increases the flow of fresh blood, which carries nutrients and oxygen to organs and muscles.

The first action of massage on muscles is to encourage them to relax and lengthen; (imagine a wound-up elastic band being unraveled), relieving tightness, tension, and toxins.

The second action is to encourage fresh blood into the congested area, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the fatigued muscle, and assisting with the removal of the toxic waste product produced by muscle action called lactic acid.

Massage will also assist the flow of the straw-colored fluid that circulates our body known as lymph. The lymphatic system is instrumental in fighting infection and developing immunity.

Often after a number of massages, people find that they are more aware of their bodies and in turn more able to relax. When 80 percent of visits to GP’s [doctors] are stress related, massage has an important role to play your health."

-excerpt from “Total Massage” a book by Gill Tree

Some of the benefits of Massage

Increased circulation
Increased relaxation
Removal of wastes and toxins
Injury rehabilitation and prevention
Chronic pain relief from headaches, spasms, and muscular pain
Improved energy and vitality
Improved posture
Promotes positive body awareness and well-being
Energizes internal organs

Make Massage a Regular Part of Your Health Program

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