Welcome to the secrets to a quality life of health, happiness, and prosperity through our series of videos. These resources, curated by Dr. Khalsa, are designed to guide you through the stress and pressures of maintaining your well-being during these challenging times. They provide a wealth of knowledge on nurturing a healthy lifestyle, even in unfavorable circumstances.

Ron Chapman sits down to discuss with Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa about how our body responds to Applied Kinesiology.

Do you feel balanced with your relationship to prosperity?  Prosperity can show up in so many areas including your health, wealth, success, habit consistency, and even your relationship with your family. 

Here is a simple Kundalini Yoga meditation to help you attract opportunities that increase your prosperity.  Before you practice, tune in with this Mantra "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo".  Learn how to do it with Dr. Khalsa here.

Use this mantra before starting any Kundalini Yoga meditation or yoga set. It tunes you in to being here and now. It connects you with the Golden Chain of Teachers and creates a safe and protected container for your practice. 

Have you ever wondered how you can be as healthy as possible? We have an inexpensive way to explore your symptoms and create a sustainable path towards health. Ask us about filling out a symptom survey so we can help support you on the road back to your most optimal health.  We will co-create the best strategies based on your diet, nutrition, and exercise for your peak performance in life.

We are under an incredible amount of stress? What do you need to do to handle this stress? Only three things: eat properly, exercise properly and relax properly.

The two organs that help your immune system work are your thymus and your spleen. Here are some at-home tools and techniques to stimulate your organs with these simple points. Rub and tap each for 20-30 seconds, three to four times a day to help support your immune system.

Are you being haunted by unwanted thoughts? Here is a great mantra to use to help you protect yourself from these thoughts. It is also the mantra that we use to tune in. It means: "I bow to the infinite, angelic wisdom within me." The mantra is "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo".

Here are some at-home self-help, self-massage techniques. If you're suffering from digestive problems, head aches, stress or anxiety, try these self-healing techniques and heal yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Or are you feeling exhausted and depleted? Here is an easy method to help you change your energy from within your own body. You have two nostrils to help regulate your body. Click Here to learn how to practice this quick change energy transformation: