Herbs to Help You Breathe

With pollution, pollen, outgassing of toxic substances in the home and workplace, your lungs and sinuses almost don't stand a chance.

I have found two caffeine free teas that work to open the lungs and sinuses, decrease the amount of mucous in the body, and relax the tightness and coughing that comes with allergic reactions and colds.

Traditional Medicinals makes a tea called "Breathe Easy." Yogi Tea makes a similar tea called "Breathe Deep Tea." These teas are known as herbal decongestants and I've found they usually work in minutes.

Both teas contain ma huang, also known as Ephedra. You've probably seen Ephedra in many weight loss formulas. When used by itself, Ephedra has very stimulating properties including making the heart race. The weight loss products work by speeding up your metabolism.

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines have known for centuries that the stimulating effect of Ephedra can be minimized by combining it with helper herbs, making it safer to use.

In these teas you should the beneficial effects of Ephedra including opening up the bronchioles and sinuses are enhanced by the helper herbs and the "speedy" effects should be minimized. (However, it is not recommended that you take Ephedra-containing products in conjunction with other substances that have a known stimulant effect.)

Check out more information about Yogi Tea at their website: http://www.yogitea.com

Traditional Medicinals website is: http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/

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